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BEATTHEBELLY - Avoid the Christmas Belly!

'Tis the season to be jolly!

So you want to enjoy the Christmas season. I really enjoy home cooking and a few drinks in the village pub at Christmas catching up with my old mates.

But how do you avoid becoming a fat Santa?

1. Remember you have a choice what you eat!
Every time you are offered a drink or something to eat or you are bored watching the Queens Speech and reach for the snacks or are out at the office christmas party review your options and dont rely on the autopilot.

2.Bear in mind that you will have to burn off all the calories you eat - and drink .
Don't forget alcohol contains many hidden calories and that your new years resolution may be set back by needing to lose a half stone in January just to get started!

3. Every time something reaches your lips think - do I really need this?
This rule applies especially to seconds - wait 20 minutes for seconds to let your stomach tell you if you're full. Keep up with the fruit and veg.

4. Don't overindulge on fatt…