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#BEATHEBELLY - Aerobic vs Weight Training for Fat Loss

If you are overweight there are two types of fat you need to lose though two types of regular exercise:

- VISCERAL fat - around the internal organs in your abdomen (this is dangerous as it means there is likely to be fatty build up in your arteries causing Atherosclerosis

Visceral fat is best lost by aerobic exercise IE getting out of breath - but you need to exercise for more than 20 minutes continuously to kick in the fat burning system and lose visceral fat - exercises like running, cycling, swimming and aerobics would cause this type of fat to be burned up.

- SUBCUTANEOUS fat - under the skin, the "spare tyre" type of fat is from overeating and is laid down by the body for storage of excess calories eaten in the diet

This type of fat is best lost by doing weight training ie lifting weights in a controlled way regularly which helps the muscles to grow and use up available fat reserves around them in the skin.

It is worth including both weight training and aerobic exerc…

6 Habits to Chisel a Solid 6-Pack

6 Habits to Chisel a Solid 6-Pack:

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Yes we are back with more tips to beat your belly!

this is not about abs but more about the keg as mentioned in the last post. Take a look at this little list to help you lose the keg, and maybe even find your washboard abs propping up the keg!

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Men's Health: 'Moderate Exercise,' Explained | Men's Health News

Men's Health: 'Moderate Exercise,' Explained | Men's Health News:

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The benefits of moderate exercise - multitudinous! check out what they are to increase your motivation to increase your moderate exercise and increase from walking pace.

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Chocolate curbs stroke in women, study suggests: What about men? - HealthPop - CBS News

BEATTHEBELLY - Sixpack or Keg?

Back in the Seventies and Eighties a Jogging craze swept the world.

In the Nineties Marathons became mainstream.

In the Naughties the Triathlon was the latest fad.

Today in the Tweenies, weightloss and the beach body still top the culture charts. With TV shows about embarrassing bodies and how to look good naked, body image is as important as it ever was with weight loss and a lean mean man machine the main idol everyone is striving for.

We have Gok Wan proposing "How to look good naked", helping real shaped women realise the truth behind airbrushed pictures in the media of young women who can wear anything and look great having just fallen out of bed.

Where is the male counterpart series or equivalent?

Men are bombarded with images of washboard "abs" which, if you believe Mens Health Magazine, are the most important thing to look for in a real man; no room is left for integrity and a real wobbly keg rather than an 8 pack.

So weight loss continues to plague us…

BBC News - Weight loss plan 'lacks evidence'

BBC News - Weight loss plan 'lacks evidence':

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This story from the BBC shows tha you cant just change your mindset to lose weight, it has to be coupled with exercise and lifestyle changes in an holistic manner so that the whole package is slowly changed.

The article might at first glance be suggesting that it is not worth looking at changing thinking around food, but on reflection I feel this evidence points towards an holistic approach to weight loss in all areas mind body relationships and wellbeing.

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BEATTHEBELLY - Blitz Your Health Goals Step by Step

Goal setting is a thorny challenge - how high can we afford to set the bar by creating realistic yet achievable goals without selling ourselves short?
The old saying goes if you aim for nothing you will hit it every time; equally there are plenty of proverbs prompting action over inaction. So how can we make and achieve goals in an upward ascent to reach the pinnacle of overall health we strive for?

A recent practical article from Harvard Health describes a way of making and achieving realistic goals step by step. This stepwise approach is key to achieving the most achievable goals first, enabling an attempt a new higher goal - like training to climb everest by starting with smaller mountains and working up to the main event.

If you are trying to lose weight you need to set a realistic timeframe and fast weight loss is never healthy or sustainable long term; reaserch shows many yo-yo dieters put it all back on again in the following weeks; any weight loss needs to be sustainable and…

Obese Americans don’t actually realize they are obese

Obese Americans don’t actually realize they are obese:

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So across the water 70 % of obese americans do not realise that they are obese and facing serious health problems as a result.

I'm guessing we are heading the same way in the UK.

The studies make interesting reading in this article searching for a societal cure for the obesity epidemic.

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Weigh Yourself Often - 10 Strategies for Successful Weight Loss

Weigh Yourself Often - 10 Strategies for Successful Weight Loss:

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Ok I know I have just cited mens health mag yesterday. Sometimes they quote research worth repeating and there is a reason why they are the best selling mens magazine in the UK.

This article states 10 strategies for successful weight loss - why not pick one and give it a go this week?

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Make The Office Work For You | MEN'S HEALTH

Make The Office Work For You | MEN'S HEALTH:

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This article has a point and backs up many of my recent posts on staying fit and active, keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle to reduce heart disease and cancers.

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