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The Battle for Movember

Why Movember? Because in 2010 there were over 40,000 UK men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and over 10,000 men died of prostate cancer. Thats more UK fathers husbands sons and brothers than have been killed in action since the second world war. Why Movember? Because we need to unite behind a memorable and distinctive cause to help raise awareness of issues around Men's Health.

Growing a moustache is hard to miss and kicks off many helpful chats about mens health - especially if people are used to you being clean shaven!

Men are not the best at proactive approach to men's health and neither is the human race - on average around 70% of cancer research funding is used towards breast cancer research - now awareness is high and most of us know know breast cancer is a killer disease with good prognosis if caught early.

Prostate and testicular cancer can also be treated successfully if identified early and dealt with appropriately. But still we don't have a good diagnostic test …