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Flintoff Beats Depression: speaking out

I saw Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff on the BBC breakfast this morning ( I never watch TV over breakfast) but I am between jobs, doing some temporary work from home and enjoying my baby girl growing up.

Flintoff revealed that even star sportsmen and hardmen like Vinnie Jones suffer from depression and mental health problems and around 1 in 10 admit to this. See his recent Sun article here

In reality around 1 in 4 of the general population - myself included - suffer from some form of mental problems, ranging from mild seasonal depression to anxiety or more extreme psychoses and psychological phobias which can seriously affect performance.

My family has a long history of bipolar disorder or manic depression/mania which is inherited through my Grandfathers line on my fathers side.  Everyone in subsequent generations after him have been affected to a greater or lesser extent and have both highs and lows but also moments of brilliance. In every generation since my grandfather someone…

Prepare to achieve your goals

Physical preparation for sustainable exercise activity is key to maintaining and improving your physical health.
True fitness is a good balance combining stability, power, stamina/cardio, flexibility and strength.

Your exercise goals should include elements of all these areas to keep you on track. If you miss out on one key area its not long before you come unstuck or injured.

See the rest of the Guardian article on physical prep and take a look at my previous post on how to make a start with achievable steps in physical goals.

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Funding squeeze forces practices to axe salaried GPs and staff - Pulse

Mental Preparation for The Year Ahead

Athletes have practised mindfulness for some time now in preparation for successful performance in the field.

When I started running,  I happened to chat to a friend who had been a top class track athlete. I had been talking about running for some time and had longed to be free to take exercise whenever and wherever I wanted; but had not actually started running yet.  He asked me how much time I had spent thinking about running; I answered that I was not sure; but I had really only spent time practically preparing for it (new trainers, shorts etc).

Funny then that one day when I was driving to the gym after this conversation I stopped the car and like Forrest Gump "I just started running"!  I had been looking at a map of our area. I knew that near my route was a moor that gave onto a racecourse with woods where I could run to my hearts content - away from the roads and in natural setting within the citty limits.

I had been imagining running these woods for some time before…

Enhance your New Years Fitness Resolutions!

Most of us will have made some health related New Years Resolutions, but how many will flop come the end of the month?

I have resolved to start training for my first Triathlon which I will enter this July at Castle Howard.
I have been preparing mentally and practically for some time and now I can bite the bullet.
 Last year I started running for the first time in 15 years (I gave up after a knee injury skiing) and have been slowly pushing the distance - now around 3 miles.
This year I need to concentrate on getting up to 10k and add in swimming.
When the clocks go forward I will start more cycling in the evenings as well as to work in the daytime.

 I have told my friends about my resolution to increase my likelihood of success. I have written my goal and broken it down into smaller steps. I have chosen small achievable milestones over a reasonable time period to increase reward. My ultimate goals is well suited as I love strenuous exercise in beautiful natural surroundings - where be…

Do you want sweetener with that?

Do you use artificial sweeteners?

Did you start this because you felt they would help you maintain or lose weight?

Long term evidence is pointing towards links between sweetener use and causation of obesity and Diabetes - two major man killers!

Read this article from Harvard Medical School for more information and I suggest you just go for real sugar next time - just get used to using less and burn off what you use.

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