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Losing Holiday Weight

Just back from a restful holiday in the French Alps I jumped on the scales and realised that I have gained 5 kg since my triathlon last year and around 3kg of this is from eating too much and doing less exercise over Christmas or just eating too much on holiday!
So I resolve now to get back to and better than my fitness of last summer going back to basics.
How did I get here? 
1. My portion sizes have crept up while my activity levels fell before Xmas with a chest cold and a hip injury slowing me down. 
2. I ate too much cheese and drank too much wine in France! As it was a family holiday I did less exercise overall and while lugging my 2 yr old daughter up the hills sledging and snowshoeing helped strengthen my back, thighs and upper body, it did not counteract my vast mountain appetite and high fat intake of Savoyard restaurant diet. 
3. I have had little to aim for as tri season was over too soon - I hope do at least a couple of triathlons this year.
4. Bad weather and lack of moti…