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Surely there is a level of moral gratitude left in our culture to value those who tirelessly serve the needs of others?  Media and government spin has devalued the NHS and healthcare professions so far that many have lost the self esteem to take industrial action in the first place; but in reality this action is a safe way we can send the government a message of displeasure with their U turns and savage attack on those who save the NHS the most and who pay the highest personal cost.

Here in the UK we have an interesting situation brewing. Doctors across the country are striking over the government tearing up a pension agreement made in 2008. The 2008 negotiations already forced docs to work longer (thus allowing the govt to pay out less in the long run as we either die young or claim less pension years and contribute longer) and now they want to attack this arrangement made in the depths of the financial crisis, by adding extra contributions and years of work asking us to contribute 1…