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Weigh in month 1: Lent

I have a confession to make. 
After telling people not to do crash diets, I lost a lot of weight in the few days after my initial weigh in!
Actually I had only cut out the cheese excess so this was no crash diet!  The weight was fluid accumulated in my leg from swelling due to air travel.  Since the removal of lymph nodes in my groin through cancer surgery my left leg can swell during travel gaining up to 1kg/1L of fluid in the form of odema around the lower calf and ankle; this will recede after intense exercise or with a couple of active days and a few nights sleep. 
So my weigh in this month shows 87.4kg. Skewed perhaps by an unknown weight of fluid, although I do know my clothes were tighter after the holiday so it was not all fluid gain! 
I have another confession: I started lent late and gave up alcohol from yesterday onwards.
Having suggested in the past that New Years resolutions can be unhelpful, I have found resolutions to be very helpful this year to assist as external motivation …