Integrated Health Pyramid Model of Health

The concept of wellbeing and the inclusion of the Spiritual realm of health as a source of strength and balance are now more widely accepted in modern western culture and medicine, unlike when I first conceived of the pyramid more than 20 years ago, when spiritual care was nothing more than a nod towards the patients belief system.

I was just embarking on my career as a GP entrepreneur back in 2011 when I last wrote of the Integrated Health Pyramid and my outlook and practise have undergone a few upgrades and bolt on interests since then. Creating space for new projects gave birth to new opportunities and experiences; these have shaped and refined my integrated health model further, as has working in personal and corporate health sector.

Here is the refined version of the pyramid model, which currently represents an ugrade to the traditional Bio-Psycho-Social medical model:

The Integrated Health Pyramid helps patients and clinicians look at the whole picture of health of an individual or group and search for common imbalances to tweak in these four health areas which maintain equilibrium. 

If one area becomes burdened, the other areas are affected and therefore distorted, as each is dynamically linked to the other three.

Solutions can be sought by rebalancing these areas in a holistic fashion, thus the pyramid acts as an aide memoir for planning the best health outcomes.

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