Low Carb High Fat Day 48 #Maintaining Weight, Tummy Gone!

So I started this 48 days ago and have some interesting results from almost 50 days of high fat low carb dieting.

My weight has stabilised at around 87 Kg which is 2Kg less than when I started.

My body composition has changed a little with overall body fat around 25-26% and muscle at 35-36% but a decrease in visceral fat which now varies between 7 and 9 depending on how religiously I follow the diet. I found over the Easter holiday that beer and chocolate push this visceral figure back up quickly!

What is more interesting is that my belly has continued to shrink and is now at 92cm from 101cm so I am well into the safe range for heart disease risk and obesity, thus reducing my future risk of Diabetes and heart disease. I need a new wardrobe of trousers.

I would like to point out that this weight loss and maintenance of a smaller abdominal fat layer is totally independent of exercise; in fact due to a foot injury I have reduced exercise over the period of the diet.

My resting heart rate has increased slightly overall as expected from 57 bpm to 64, but i have done less exercise which may account for some of the rise.

As I had mentioned in the last post I have now diverted onto a low carb diet rather than just following a high fat low carb ketogenic diet with less than 25g of carbs a day, I now keep carbs to a minimum and this seems to work with maintaining but not losing any more weight.

 I have moved onto recipes from the Real Meal Revolution amongst other resources for sustainable low carb cooking. This means that the high fat meals which were less palatable to my wife and family have gone out the window but been replaced with food we can all eat. Courgetti is a new found favourite replacement for spaghetti!

I gain weight if I eat too much meat. I have cut back on the cream in the high fat diet as I was getting alot of upper respiratory mucus production which was annoying and making me feel I had a permanent cold/sinusitis. I can drink wine in moderation with little effect on weight but beer really piles on the pounds and visceral fat - I'm guessing its the sugar content!

In terms of cost it is more expensive to follow a low carb diet, as carbs are cheap and discounted, as are processed foods. However, long term benefits of reduced risk of heart disease and Diabetes will be a bonus I have to balance against the increase in food cost; bearing in mind Diabetes can be life shortening and is debilitating in later life, this may be a small price to pay for longevity and better quality of life in the senior years.

It is shocking to think of how much carbs we all used to eat as a family and looking around I am still staggered how high a proportion of food intake in those around me is made up of processed carbs on a daily basis! Now that I know it is possible to live with a low level of carbs I won't be going back.

My objective of trialling the diet to reduce my weight, abdominal fat and heart disease risk has been achieved so I am happy with the results.

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