Low Carb High Fat Diet Day 12 #Twokiloslighter

I have been on the diet for 12 days now. The last few days have become more challenging as I have begun to have some strange cravings - orange juice being one (which funnily enough I don't drink much normally) and I have needed some more variety than the trial diet period offers so have deviated from the diet plan a little to introduce some sustainability.

My weight day 0
The scales don't lie and I cant believe how quickly weight has come off around my tummy. Both K and I have lost over 2 Kilos each - thats an average of a kilo every 5 days!
I am running faster than ever but have noticed some muscle aches and twinges of cramps ( these are apparently common side effects when on a ketogenic diet due to lack of salt or dehydration) and K has continued to feel rough while I have only noticed the side effect of more mucus production when eating high cream recipes.

We are both aware of how much carbs were part of our diet before, also walking into a supermarket you realise on a low carb diet 80% of the food is irrelevant to you and it is clear how much carbs have been pushed to excess in our daily diet, from bread to potatoes to soft drinks and sugary snacks Processed cereals are some of the worst offenders with secret sugar content coming high up their list of ingredients but marketed as healthy options - just take a look at the back of a packet of bran flakes. Low fat "healthy diets" are dead to me!

We have agreed to continue the diet experiment in ketogenesis for 14 days, then will probably revert onto a low carb, less restrictive diet.

I will let you know how I get on.

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