Low Carb High Fat Diet Day 9 #MyLovehandlesAreMelting

It's day 9 and as usual with diets mine came unstuck on a weekend away.

We went to visit friends in Northern Ireland for a Christening party and had a lovely time but strict diet habits are hard to maintain in new surroundings and despite our hosts best efforts to feed us bacon and eggs, my willpower was lacking and I ate some food which was off diet (sausage rolls and trifle) and drank some white wine (a glass scores 1), narrowly avoiding a brush with high carb Guinness (a bottle scores 13) while watching the rugby!

What was interesting is that my weight stopped falling, but didn't go back up.

I have plateaued at 87.7 Kg. My fat content went up to 25.4% (probably due to alcohol) but my visceral remains at 9.

What is more interesting is that yesterday I ran my usual 4k run into work almost 2 minutes faster than my normal time over recent months, without really having to try hard!

All this means that high fat working as a source of energy for exercise is sustainable with better energy release.

I feel in the long term my weight will go down again when I am consistent and exercising regularly.

What has been hard is the lack of variety in the first few weeks of this diet and I cant believe it but I am getting sick of bacon and eggs for breakfast!

This week I am going off piste from the starter 2 week plan and introducing other high fat low carb ketogenic recipes like this tasty cabbage casserole as we are craving variety:

My love handles are slowly melting. I have decided that after last week with no exercise other than to get to work, I will do more this week and see if this burns up more fat and therefore weight.

Interestingly I am not getting slumps of energy in the day and not really feeling hungry.

My heart is thumping sometimes with coffee and probably dehydration so I drink alot of water and my resting heart rate has risen from my normal resting 57 Bpm with the onset of the ketosis to 62 Bpm but this apparently is to be expected on the ketogenic diet as the body is working harder to burn energy from fat for your daily needs.

I feel I could miss lunch without noticing when engaged in work. This is promising for further hunger free weight/fat loss..

Roll on the Ketogenesis.

I will let you know how I get on with a weigh in at the weekend and repeat tummy measurements...

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